Theatre Embassy

Slavernij Labyrint (Slavery Labyrinth)

The Keti Koti festival takes place every year to celebrate the abolition of slavery in the . During the Keti Koti festival in , Theatre Embassy built the Slavery Labyrinth for one day. The labyrinth was composed of seven rooms and led the audience in small groups along the various aspects of the Dutch history of slavery. During this walk, short monologues were played, playful installations were on display and one could give a salute to Barack Obama.

Public: 150
Direction and concept: Berith Danse
Design and concept: Bartel Meyburg
Play: Caroline van Leerdam, Maikel van Hetten, Ivonne Ristie e.a.
Construction: Andrea Montenegro, Roderik Sommerdijk, Bartel Meyburg, Sofie Postma.

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