37. : Titik Koma –

One of the agreements that we as a world had made jointly in our Millennium Development Goals was to halt the spread of HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases. The project, called Titik Koma, highlights the urgent situation surrounding HIV / AIDS and the discrimination of people with HIV / AIDS in Indonesia. The disease is spread very quickly in Indonesia through prostitution and drug use.

The theatre project Titik Koma focuses on commercial sex workers and their role in the spread of HIV / AIDS. The medium of theatre is used as a development tool (theatre for development). The project was developed and carried out by Theatre Embassy Amsterdam, and Theater Qi (Indonesia). The play was devised by Theater Qi, which consists of local Indonesian actors. The story is based on the situation in a red-light district in the place Tegal, Java. Titik Koma was the first informal meeting since its inception (early years seventy) of the Peleman area where all interested parties were present and openly debated.

After these local performances, the performance toured Java. Appearances and workshops took place in other red-light districts, in local communities, at art institutions and universities. Theatre has succeeded in initiating a discussion about HIV / AIDS, both with the creators of the performance, with the public as well as with the prostitutes and others stakeholders in the prostitution areas. The spectators were all very enthusiastic and supported the idea of using theatre to expose social problems. It should be especially noted that the most successful performances were in the red-light districts themselves. The audience was dead quiet at times and enthusiastic at other times. Unfortunately, many prostitutes dropped out of the discussion. Shyness and a feeling of inferiority towards the other spectators are the most likely cause of this.


Partner organisation: Teater Q
Place: Indonesia Java, Tegal
Production: Egbert Wits Local artists: 20
Director: Rudi Teng
Production team: 8
Target group: General audience
Audience: 3000
Performances: 15
Workshops: 5
Volunteers: 10
Participating Organizations: local HIV/Aids organisations.
Finances: Cordaid, Dutch Embassy of Java, Theatre Embassy.
Theme: prostitution/ Hiv-AIDS
Photo Exposition by Merel Maissan in Amsterdam .

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