Archive: 2010

Archive: 2010


58. Mozambique: Mombe – 2010


Tambo Tambulani Tambo is a theatre group located in Pemba, Northern Mozambique.
Their aim is to save and preserve traditions with their work, traditions which they have lost over different periods in history. They also …

Basal’ya Bazoba

57. Democratic Republic of Congo: Basal’ya Bazoba – 2009-2011

Basal’ya Bazoba was an awareness campaign on the law on Child Protection – notably on article 160 – that strictly forbids witchcraft accusations aimed at children.

Basal’Ya Bazoba is a music …

Tierra Espiritual III

56. Bolivia: Tierra Espiritual III – 2010

In a world of globalization, indigenous forms expression are under pressure, disappeaing rapidly or have been handed over to the tourist industry. Many forms of indigenous rituals and community practices are part of …

Gendarme Couche (Ondulation)

55. Benin: Gendarme Couche (Ondulation) – 2010

The Ondulation program is a collaboration of the Benin company Compagnie Walo and Le Grand Cru, a Dutch NGO that carries out professionalization programmes and international dance productions with dance initiatives in …


54. Honduras: Comparsa – 2010

The aim of the project was to design, make and perform a creative and meaningful parade with big objects/figures/puppets, to design an original and creative street parade that could be continually used. Artists of Arte

Theatre for Education program

51. Indonesia: Theatre for Education program (TDE) – 2009-2011

The Theatre for Development and Education (TDE) programme contributes to sustainable human development within Indonesia. TDE operates through the creation of theatrical performances and hosting of workshops addressing important social and …