Archive: 2006

Archive: 2006


31. France: PIG – 2006

Partner organisation: FUAJ France
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 23
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 240
Performances: 3
Volunteers: 2
Participating Organizations: HKU.
Finances: EUROMED
Theme: Freedom…

Who is the boss?

30. Netherlands: Who is the boss? – 2006

Partner organisation:
Executors: 1
Local artists: 19 (Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain)
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 150
Performances: 1
Volunteers: 19
Participating Organizations: Amsterdam Bos theatre, Theater de Cameleon.
Finances: NIZW, Theatre

The Marionette

29. India: The Marionette – 2006

Partner organisation: Natya Chetana
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 13
Target group: artists
Audience: 400
Amount: 4
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations:
Finances: Theatre Embassy
Theme: gender & power play…

How to organize

27. South Africa: How to organize – 2006

Partner organisation: Freedom Extravanganza (FeXg)
Executors TE: Debbie Straver
Local trainees: 32
Target group: artists
Audience: –
Presentations: –
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations:
Finances: ICCO
Theme: Management and production training…


26. Zimbabwe: Run – 2006

From August until December 2007, Wanda Meeuws, a young Dutch theatre director specialising in youth theatre, stayed and worked with the Amakhosi theatre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
She worked with the youth group from Amakhosi. Additionally, …

Love for the Family

25. South Africa: Love for the family – 2006

This project involved assisting the performing Arts Department, theatre teaching, Hip-Hop teaching, guiding students during the graduation performance Love for the Family, and choreography and dance.
On the theme of …

Huellas Netherlands

24. Honduras: Huellas Netherlands – 2006

Partner organisation: Arte Accion
Executors TE: 5
Local artists: 11
Target group: general audience
Audience: 1100
Amount: 2
Volunteers: 15
Participating Organizations: Club 11 Amsterdam, The Ready Mades.
Finances: Oxfam-Novib Netherlands, …

The stone-cold truth

23. Kenya: The stone-cold truth – 2006

This project makes use of the underappreciated skills of the groups who are creating dance and music rituals accompanying funerals. Through this theatre project, they will learn how to shape and organize their …

Safad Shatilla

22. Palestine/Ramallah: Safad Shatilla – 2006

The Safad-Shatilla, vice versa performance was created in 2006 by Theatre Embassy at the Palestinian theatre company Ashtar in Ramallah, West Bank. This performance has been very successful in Palestine and has won the …