Archive: 2009

Archive: 2009

Basal’ya Bazoba

57. Democratic Republic of Congo: Basal’ya Bazoba – 2009-2011

Basal’ya Bazoba was an awareness campaign on the law on Child Protection – notably on article 160 – that strictly forbids witchcraft accusations aimed at children.

Basal’Ya Bazoba is a music …

Theatre play: Tanah

52. Indonesia: Theatre play: Tanah – 2009

TANAH was part of the Theatre for Development and Education (TDE) programme, an initiative of Yayasan Kelola and Theatre Embassy. TDE attempts to consciously influence the behaviour and attitudes of Indonesian people …

Theatre for Education program

51. Indonesia: Theatre for Education program (TDE) – 2009-2011

The Theatre for Development and Education (TDE) programme contributes to sustainable human development within Indonesia. TDE operates through the creation of theatrical performances and hosting of workshops addressing important social and …

Under the Sal Tree project

50. India-Assam: Under the Sal Tree project – 2009

A festival of Celebrating Traditional Rituals through Theatre

In Assam, the military controls the population and there is little room for manoeuvre for intellectual and cultural development. Inspired by the indigenous …


49. India-Assam: Bijuli – 2009

Theatre maker Evelien Pullens travelled to India for Theatre Embassy to train young actors from different tribes in the Northeast in puppetry. Few people know that the population of this corner of India is constantly …

Murai right to perform

48. India: Murai right to perform – 2009

The project was aimed at researching, documenting and developing music and dance performed by the hereditary community of Melakkarar in and outside Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu.
By Dr. Saskia Kersenboom / …

Puppetry training/ Torat

47. Sudan: Puppetry training/ Torat – 2009

The project was a puppeteering workshop for the participation of Women. Following up on an earlier project carried out in April 2008, Heddy Veltkamp and 3 members of SWPA travelled to the South …

Breaking the Silence

45. Cambodia: Breaking the Silence – 2009

Amrita Performing Arts, together with Dutch director Annemarie Prins, made a performance about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge period. DCCAM, the national organization that archives the documentation of this period …

Tierra Espiritual II

44. Bolivia: Tierra Espiritual II – 2009

For the second time, the Tierra Espiritual festival was organized as a crown on the activities of the previous 12 months. This year’s central topic was ‘sacrifices’. The working process was focused on …