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Under the Sal Tree project

50. India-Assam: Under the Sal Tree project – 2009

A festival of Celebrating Traditional Rituals through Theatre

In Assam, the military controls the population and there is little room for manoeuvre for intellectual and cultural development. Inspired by the indigenous …


49. India-Assam: Bijuli – 2009

Theatre maker Evelien Pullens travelled to India for Theatre Embassy to train young actors from different tribes in the Northeast in puppetry. Few people know that the population of this corner of India is constantly …

Murai right to perform

48. India: Murai right to perform – 2009

The project was aimed at researching, documenting and developing music and dance performed by the hereditary community of Melakkarar in and outside Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu.
By Dr. Saskia Kersenboom / …

The Power of Puppetry

39. India-Assam: The Power of Puppetry – 2008

In the countryside in Assam, Sukra Rabha led his theatre group Bandung Duppa. Inspired by the native dances and rituals, he developed a new form of theatre within the region’s own …

The Marionette

29. India: The Marionette – 2006

Partner organisation: Natya Chetana
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 13
Target group: artists
Audience: 400
Amount: 4
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations:
Finances: Theatre Embassy
Theme: gender & power play…

A declaration of Love

08. India-Pakistan: A declaration of Love – 2004

A theatrical declaration of love from India to Pakistan and vice versa.

Two groups of young people from India and Pakistan made a theatrical declaration of love for each other. These declarations …

Jal Utsav

05. India: Jal Utsav: Water, a Celebration of Life – 2003

2004 India declaration of Love

All our lives, we try to celebrate the things we love. That’s how we come to love, celebrate and honour the things we need. Now we realize that is …