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Archive: south africa

No Man’s land

38. Netherlands-South Africa: No Man’s land – 2008

No-man’s land is a theatrical meeting between young people from Amsterdam and Cape Town on issues of prejudice, conflict and reconciliation. The performance could be seen between 13th and 28th September 2008 …

The last breath

34. South Africa: The last breath – 2007

The performance The Last Breath addressed issues surrounding immigration and xenophobia in South Africa. The Last Breath took the audience on the journey refugees take to get to South Africa. This production …

How to organize

27. South Africa: How to organize – 2006

Partner organisation: Freedom Extravanganza (FeXg)
Executors TE: Debbie Straver
Local trainees: 32
Target group: artists
Audience: –
Presentations: –
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations:
Finances: ICCO
Theme: Management and production training…

Love for the Family

25. South Africa: Love for the family – 2006

This project involved assisting the performing Arts Department, theatre teaching, Hip-Hop teaching, guiding students during the graduation performance Love for the Family, and choreography and dance.
On the theme of …