Theatre Embassy

Transatlantische Slavernij (Transatlantic Slavery)

Berith Danse, artistic director, has been studying the history of Transatlantic Slavery since . She has traced oral traditions and other non-written sources from contemporary society back to shared memory. From this thorough research, a Theatre Embassy concept has emerged in which the audience is interactively involved in the (re)experience of this past and becomes more aware of the present.

We call this concept a Theatre Exhibition: on the basis of music, dance, games, images, language, food, costumes, songs, rituals, instruments, paintings, vivid installations are created that make connections between the present, the three different continents, and the shared history.

The theatre exhibitions are developed and performed by a permanent core of creators. We transformed the experience of previous projects into new forms. The form and size may vary, but the basis is always a kaleidoscope of information that is given shape in a theatrical manner. The sources are drawn from surviving materials.

The concept is dynamic: the experience, feedback and an increasingly rich source of information gained from previous theatre exhibitions is transformed into new forms. In this way, a new kaleidoscope of information is created, which passes by the audience in a theatrical manner.

We are:

Berith Danse : concept and direction
Caroline van Leerdam: text, acting, direction
Guilly Koster: audio-visual and production
Sabine de Tonnac: production management and translation
Bartel Meyburg: scenery and concept design
Thera Hillenaar: Costume and prop design
Martiha Kitaman: NAKS Nederland, song

Furthermore, many freelancers from the three continents involved are always working with us.

Our advisors:

Dienke Hondius: Historian Sociologist Researcher and lecturer at VU Amsterdam.
Thea Doelwijt: writer and theatre director.
Leo Balai: Researcher and writer.
Aspha Bijnaar: Researcher and freelancer.
Martha Luz Machado: Curator and consultant of aesthetics and art history.
Roelof Koops: Former director of the Zeeland Archives & board of NINSEE.
Carl Haarnack: Curator of the Buku Bibliotheca Surinamica.
Okke ten Hove: Historian.
Daan Bronckhorst: Sinologist and translator for Amnesty International.
NINSEE: National Institute of Dutch Slave History and Heritage.

Zeeland Archives: houses the archives of the MCC.

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