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Archive: honduras


54. Honduras: Comparsa – 2010

The aim of the project was to design, make and perform a creative and meaningful parade with big objects/figures/puppets, to design an original and creative street parade that could be continually used. Artists of Arte

Huellas Netherlands

24. Honduras: Huellas Netherlands – 2006

Partner organisation: Arte Accion
Executors TE: 5
Local artists: 11
Target group: general audience
Audience: 1100
Amount: 2
Volunteers: 15
Participating Organizations: Club 11 Amsterdam, The Ready Mades.
Finances: Oxfam-Novib Netherlands, …

Huellas [TRACES]

19. Honduras: Huellas [TRACES] – 2005

Theatre Embassy (The Netherlands), in collaboration with the art collective Arte Accion (Honduras), created the performance HUELLAS – Art as a dialogue about violence in contemporary Central America.

Violence in Central America is …


18. Honduras: Sha – 2005


Partner organisation: Arte Accion
Place: Honduras, Tegucigalpa
Executors: Renée Fleuren
Local artists: 8
Target group; Youngsters
Audience: 2600
Presentations: 4
Volunteers: 3
Participating Organizations: Arte Accion, Red Maraca
Finances: ICCO, Theatre Embassy
Theme: …