64. – Theater T – Opening of the National Celebration of Abolition of Slavery Keti Koti –

On July 1, we carried out the assignment of the NINSEE & festival Keti Koti to make a theatrical installation or presentation about the history of Slavery Past and the Present for a group of 1000 guests. The presentation would take place after the ceremonial part at the Slavery Monument and would include a snack and a drink before the programming started on the big stage. The theatrical performance was, as it were, a bridge between the two programs.
In order to serve and animate / inform 1000 people, we devised a table in the shape of a 5-angled fortress. In the corners were 5 small stages on which an actor. The entrance to the fortress was decorated with 2 life-size portraits of a man and a woman from the period of the abolition of slavery. The layout of the table became; men on the inside and women on the outside to create a slight sense of discrimination while creating a familiar ritualistic form of table division. This year's theme was 200 years of the abolition of the slave trade. We let this theme run through the design and the spoken text and songs. On the meter-long table was a 165-meter-long tablecloth printed from an original page from a Cargo book, on the table were glass buffet tables in the shape of ships, on which sweets were to be placed referring to the trade of sugar and other things. These goods were described in 5 stages (Cocoa, Sugar, Coffee, Clothing, etc.)

Executers TE: 8
Local Artists: 6
Targetgroup: festival audience at the Keti Koti
Audience: 1000
Amount: 1
Volunteers: 20
Participating Organisations: Ons

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