25. : Love for the family –

This project involved assisting the performing Arts Department, theatre teaching, Hip-Hop teaching, guiding students during the graduation performance Love for the Family, and choreography and dance.
On the theme of Love for the Family, the students of the Performing arts Professional Development Programme worked on a workshopped production. This was under the guidance of the teachers Mluleki Sam and Katy Streek. Ultimately, 5 short performances of 15 minutes were shown at the graduation event on December 9th, 2006. During this graduation event on December 9, the students also presented a Hip-Hop dance, choreographed Katy Streek.

Partner organisation: AMAC
Executors TE: Katy Streek
Local artists: 21
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 600
Presentations: 1
Volunteers: 20
Participating Organizations: Vuka via
Finances: ICCO, Theatre Embassy
Theme: Family

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