01. – Taller de Las Mariposas –
Youth theatre play based on the book of the famous Gioconda Belli from Nicaragua.

With the performance Taller de Las Mariposas we want to combine a theater performance with a biology and handicraft lesson. Children are taught some environmental education as well as creative skills. With the activity, children are accommodated in an afternoon-filling program.
Teatro Ronda de Barro wants to make a permanent connection with the street children through which they are involved in more projects.
Welfare promotion: Schools in Nicaragua hardly give lessons that promote creativity. Teatro Ronda de Barro fills in a gap in the education system in Nicaragua.

Partner organisation: Teatro Ronda de Barro
Place: Leon, Nicaragua
Director and trainer: Berith Danse

Local artists: with Gloria Cantillo and four other artists
Target group: Street children
Volunteers: 5
Audience: 2000
Performances: 10
Participating Organisations: Stichting Rommelmarkt Haren, Café de Plak Nijmegen, ICCO, Stedeband Utrecht-Leon, Gered Gereedschap, LSBNN, Festival Mundial.
Theme: Environment

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