67. – The Amazing and incredible long voyage Hasten Slowly –

Prior to the long journey that the Azart Ship of Fools undertook, descending along the trade routes of the 17th century, we presented our farewell performance for Amsterdam. This theatre performance was about where we are, and where we are going. Do we see clearly what we are watching and do we really hear each other? It is a search for wealth and the seduction of curiosity for the unknown in a number of visual scenes in which we see the struggle of the group versus the individual.
The journey of the Hasten Slowly touched the painful history of Amsterdam through the unexpected encounter with Anansi the spider who arrived after many centuries. He confronts us with “things”, “time” and “false reality” as the driving force behind the gruelling journey. The travellers were challenged and ended up in a Garden of Eden that is closer to home than expected.

Collaboration with the Azart Ship of Fools and NDSM
Audience: 1000

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