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Tambo Tambulani Tambo is a theatre group located in Pemba, Northern Mozambique.
Their aim is to save and preserve traditions with their work, traditions which they have lost over different periods in history. They also like to talk openly with their theatre about everyday themes such as hunger, disease, ignorance and illiteracy. Theatre can work as a medium for the expression and communication about the everyday life of the people. It is very important for them to keep doing that so that people have the opportunity to look at things more actively and critically.
Their theatre has a social/religious purpose, for example, the connection with their ancestors.
Nowadays, partly due to political developments, the religious part of their theatre has lost tradition and has remained only a form of communication for the community.
During two months we worked towards a concrete goal through various workshops and methods such as physical theatre, improvisation, dance, masks, making and telling stories, translating stories into images, theatre on location and music theatre, and creating a performance in which we can ultimately translate the material of the process.
Vitor Raposo, Artistic Leader of TTT, is said to be partly responsible. Together we led the group.


Partner organization: Tambo Tambolani Tambo
Executors TE: 2
Local artists: 14
Target group: General Audience of Pemba
Audience: 2500
Performances: 4
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations: Municipio de Pemba Conselho Municipal,Gak Lda., TV III, RM.
Finances: PSO, Theatre Embassy.
Theme: Waiting

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