Archive: 2005

Archive: 2005

Building a Theatre house

20. Nicaragua: Building a Theatre house – 2005


Theatre group Ronda de Barro in Leon was affiliated with the Movimiento de Teatro Popular sin Fronteras. The organization consisted of 5 people. Gloria Cantillo was the director.
This project was about …

Huellas [TRACES]

19. Honduras: Huellas [TRACES] – 2005

Theatre Embassy (The Netherlands), in collaboration with the art collective Arte Accion (Honduras), created the performance HUELLAS – Art as a dialogue about violence in contemporary Central America.

Violence in Central America is …


18. Honduras: Sha – 2005


Partner organisation: Arte Accion
Place: Honduras, Tegucigalpa
Executors: Renée Fleuren
Local artists: 8
Target group; Youngsters
Audience: 2600
Presentations: 4
Volunteers: 3
Participating Organizations: Arte Accion, Red Maraca
Finances: ICCO, Theatre Embassy
Theme: …

Se Vende Aire

17. El Salvador: Se Vende Aire – 2005


In April 2005, two young cooperators of Theatre Embassy began working with theatres in two different countries: Renée Fleuren went to Honduras to work with the Arte Acción Cultural Association, and Jasper …

Caracol de Colores

16. Guatemala: Caracol de Colores – 2005

There are interesting developments in the field of theatre and education in Guatemala, but they are mainly focused on the capital city. In the area of ​​the city of Quetzaltenango, amateur groups are …

In Limbo

13. Kenia: In Limbo – 2005

The Theatre Embassy in collaboration with partner organization Dramatool (Kenya), created an intercultural play with an underprivileged youth group in Kenya about traditional funeral rites.
Death is a common sight in AIDS-stricken Kenya and …

A Dialogue with the Moon

12. Pakistan: A Dialogue with the Moon – 2005

A theatre ritual to give way to Pakistani women.

In January 2005, Fre Hooft van Huysduynen from the Theatre Embassy hopped on the plane to Pakistan, together with Margreet Veen, the …

Magical Children

11. Israel-Palestine: Magical Children – 2005


The Hope Flowers School is an ordinary school in Bethlehem with a very special philosophy. Through special leadership and enlightened philosophy, they try to educate Palestinian children into people with an understanding and openness …