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The Hope Flowers School is an ordinary school in Bethlehem with a very special philosophy. Through special leadership and enlightened philosophy, they try to educate Palestinian children into people with an understanding and openness to others, including Israelis. Despite the pain and isolation, they have an ideology of forgiveness and open-mindedness. One of the means through which they teach this to the children is art and theatre. A full-time drama teacher is employed, and there is a large playground where hundreds of children can enjoy activities during the holidays.

In , Theatre Embassy and the Hope Flowers School first collaborated on a project. The Magical Children of Light show had a unique cast composition of both Palestinian and Israeli children. Peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue were central to the project.

Partner organisation: Hope Flowerschool, Yuvalim Elementary School, Birel Zika Elementary school Israel
Place: Israel
Director: Fre Hooft van Huysduynen
Local artists: 2
Target group: Children
Participants: 28
Audience: 2000
Presentation: 1
Volunteers: 16
Participating Organizations: Palestinian Authorities, the Association for Progressive Education, Harry de Winter.
Theme: Peace building
Video: Magical Children of Light by Andre Kloer

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