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Archive: netherlands

Amsterdam de Swarte Bocht

63. Netherlands: Amsterdam de Swarte Bocht – 2013

​​In collaboration with Amnesty International, we presented a theatrical route through the slavery past of Amsterdam, Amsterdam: De Swarte Bocht. The performances took place daily from October 21 to October 27 …


61. Netherlands: Ayni–Noord – 2011

AYNI in Noord is a cultural meeting between Bolivia and Amsterdam Noord, initiated by the cultural development organization Theatre Embassy. Based on AYNI – the way of life from the Andes – we have brought …

Theater T

64. Netherlands – Theater T – Opening of the National Celebration of Abolition of Slavery Keti Koti – 2014

On July 1, we carried out the assignment of the NINSEE & festival Keti Koti to make a theatrical installation or …

No Man’s land

38. Netherlands-South Africa: No Man’s land – 2008

No-man’s land is a theatrical meeting between young people from Amsterdam and Cape Town on issues of prejudice, conflict and reconciliation. The performance could be seen between 13th and 28th September 2008 …

Who is the boss?

30. Netherlands: Who is the boss? – 2006

Partner organisation:
Executors: 1
Local artists: 19 (Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain)
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 150
Performances: 1
Volunteers: 19
Participating Organizations: Amsterdam Bos theatre, Theater de Cameleon.
Finances: NIZW, Theatre