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Archive: palestine

The birds

65. Gaza-Palestine – The Birds – 2014

Theatre Day Productions wants drama, theatre, and creative activities to be a regular part of the lives of young people in Palestine so that kids can find their individual voices, their sense of …

Safad Shatilla

22. Palestine/Ramallah: Safad Shatilla – 2006

The Safad-Shatilla, vice versa performance was created in 2006 by Theatre Embassy at the Palestinian theatre company Ashtar in Ramallah, West Bank. This performance has been very successful in Palestine and has won the …

Magical Children

11. Israel-Palestine: Magical Children – 2005


The Hope Flowers School is an ordinary school in Bethlehem with a very special philosophy. Through special leadership and enlightened philosophy, they try to educate Palestinian children into people with an understanding and openness …