22. /Ramallah: Safad Shatilla –

The Safad-Shatilla, vice versa performance was created in 2006 by Theatre Embassy at the Palestinian theatre company Ashtar in Ramallah, West Bank. This performance has been very successful in Palestine and has won the prize for “best actress” at the International Theater Festival in Cairo. Safad-Shatilla, vice versa, is a monologue created by the Dutch director Annemieke Delis and performed by the Palestinian actress Bayan Shbib at Ashtar. The performance dealt with the events in Palestine from 1948; after the founding of the State of , thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee to neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Several refugee camps were being set up as a result of this massive flight, including Shatilla south of Beirut, Lebanon. After a time jump, we saw Shatilla in 1982; the camp is hit by a bombing of the Israelis. Many people died and many became homeless again. After the Oslo Accords, Palestinians were allowed to return to Palestine. But it was clear that this Palestine is nowhere near the Palestine they left in 1948.
The performance was not a political argument but a dramatic autobiographical family story by the actress. Palestinian history is exposed in an emotional, theatrical way through this story.


Partner organisation: Ashtar theatre
Director: Annemieke Delis
Place: Israel- Ramallah
Local artists: 12
Target group: local artists
Audience: 9000
Presentations: 20 (Egypt, Syria, Israel: 6, Ramallah: 4)
Volunteers: 2
Participating Organizations: A.M. Qattan foundation.
Finances: ICCO Hivos-Ncdo culture fund
Theme: Living in a conflict zone
Price for best actress in Egypt

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