05. : Jal Utsav: Water, a Celebration of Life –

2004 India declaration of Love

All our lives, we try to celebrate the things we love. That's how we come to love, celebrate and honour the things we need. Now we realize that is not helping. We need to honour what is needed to keep resources alive. Then the resource will stay. So, we don't need to honour water; we need to honour CARE; because through care comes water; clean and available to everybody. Care is sharing; care is thinking about how to find solutions; and making them happen. Honour not the result, but the way to get there, and a way to secure the result.
This performance created by the Theatre Embassy was part of the Jal Utsav water festival, a festival organized around World Water Day by the Hydrology project in Delhi, highlighting water issues.

The performance Water was the result of a series of interdisciplinary workshops given by 3 Dutch Theatre Ambassadors and two Indian art educators. More than 90 underprivileged children (ages 6 to 20) from the NGO schools of Ritinjali and Deepalaya, plus a group of children from the affluent Vasant Valley School participated in drama, music, dance and visual arts workshops; all of which revolved around water.

Partner organisation: Deepalaya & Rintijali, Vasant Valley School
Place: India
Director: Fre Hooft van Huysduynen and 2 trainers
Local artists: 2
Volunteers: 14
Target group: 90 Children
Audience: 1000
Performance: 1
Volunteers: 14
Participating Organizations:
Finances: ICCO, Dutch Embassy in India
Theme: Water

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