09. : The Song in your Head –

The Song in Your Head is a joint forces effort of two theatre organisations to fight against the spread of the HIV-AIDS virus. The Song in Your Head is a striking theatre show combining Zulu dancing and singing, and the abstract and experimental character of modern western theatre. The Song in Your Head is a training to the members of FEX, in which they can enhance and upgrade their skills in theatre, art and making plays of meaningful character. The Song in Your Head is a theatre show, meant for South-African and Dutch audiences, communicating through vivid theatre the existential and universal themes hiding behind the issue of AIDS; and which concerns us all. The Song In Your Head is therefore an investigation of how through the power of art, we can take a new step in the fight against AIDS.
In May and June of 2004, a Dutch theatrical crew from Theatre Embassy joined forces with the South African Freedom Extravaganza Group, to create theatre that combines traditional Zulu singing and dancing with abstract Western experimental drama. The inter-continental mix will work together intensely over a 6 week period, developing and directing an interactive music theatre play titled The Song in Your Head. The energetic, funny and poetic play will hold up a mirror concerning the way we make choices in our lives, and how influences of others and our surroundings can seduce us to play the fool with our own energy and eventually ourselves; a modern, intercultural Faustus with a nod to the current Aids-epidemic, which is holding both Southern and Northern continents in a tight grip nowadays.

Partner organisation: Freedom Extravaganza
Place: Durban, South Africa
Director: Fre Hooft van Huysdynen
Local artists: 13
Stagiaire: 1
Target group: General Audience
Audience: 6000
Presentations: 11
Volunteers: 10
Participating Organizations: Gered gereedschap, Oerol festival, festival Mundial, De Spelerij, Streettheatre festival Hengelo.
Finances: ICCO, HIVOS, KLM, Prins Bernard Culture fund.

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