59. : Enlace –

This was an integral theatre art project in which the focus is the extinction of special species.
The concept of the work was to use the theatre project to make a connection between life in the countryside on the northern border with Colombia and the city of Quito. In the project, presentations were given at various times in public space that, combined with new media and street art, were also made visible elsewhere. We wanted to stimulate audiences who have no knowledge of what is happening in the remote areas with theatrical presentations about the problems.

During the last years, the world has continued to evolve and the human being has developed technology that is used as a means of communications. From the artistic point of view, the Theater has also evolved and is being used and seen as a means of mass communication, since through theatrical presentations, mass audiences are reached in an innovative way, thus also becoming an instrument that strengthens participation, democracy, community organization and the social fabric.

The Enlace project took place over two and a half months (from July 1 to September 15). The team of six artists from the “Humor y Vida” Corporation worked together with the Theatre Embassy team, made up of four artists from Holland. This multicultural and multidisciplinary team jointly developed scenes and installations around the theme of “Extinction”.
During the first three weeks the team was based in Quito, where through workshops and exchanges of knowledge and skills in a process of collective creation, the project was developed that will serve as inspiration to continue an artistic tour of communities located in the Northern Border with Colombia. During the tour, each presentation was part of the process that created a final theatrical show, which was presented for two weeks in different sectors of the city of Quito.
For this project, different disciplines were taken into account, which complemented each other to achieve the objectives set and shape a theatrical show as a final product. The disciplines are:

  • Theatre
  • Visual arts
  • Communications
  • New Media
  • Multimedia

The work methodology was based on equality, that is, each of the participants and disciplines has equal value, and through workshops and exchanges, we learned from each other. With this method, the contribution of each artist is important, each of the ideas is valid and taken into account for the development of the show.

  1. Artistic material informed at least 1,100 people on the different reasons and causes of extinction as well as on forms of protection, recovery of species, the ecosystem and revitalization of ancestral cultural practices that have allowed the maintaining of a harmonious relationship with nature.
  2. At least 1,100 people living on the Northern Border with Colombia and 10,000 people from the city of Quito were sensitized on the issue of extinction, it's possible causes and effects.
  3. At least 10,000 people in the city of Quito were made aware of the issue of extinction, it's possible causes and effects.
  4. A massive campaign was carried out on the Internet to disseminate the project's artistic products through which at least 30,000 people can view the Project's Artistic Products.

Partner organization: Corporación Humor y Vida
Executors TE: 4
Local artists: 7
South-South: 1 ()
Cross Over: 1 ( –NL)
Productions team: 2
Target group: General Audience and the Frontier with Colombia
Audience: 7000
Performances: 9
Volunteers: 7
Participating Organizations: UNHCR ACNUR
Finances: PSO, Theatre Embassy, Dutch Embassy Quito, Govern de Les Illes Balears, AECID, CCE, Convivir and Solidaridad, RET, Minsterio de Cultura del Ecuador, Embajada de España en Ecuador.
Theme: Extinction
DVD Revuelta por la mitad del Mundo tour on vimeo by Li li li
Video on vimeo by Andrea Montenegro

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