66. : Nacer / Birth –

Nacer” is a staging of labour and humanized birth thanks to the ancestral knowledge of obstetrician-gynaecologists – midwives, midwives from the Imbabura region (province of Ecuador) – it was the winning project of competitive funds Ministry of Culture 2015 and a co-production directed by the Dutch Company Theatre Embassy.

At the Theatre Show new technologies, the ritual, the pragmatic, generational ages, time, space, ancestral wisdom converge; the Andean and Western gaze on the universe of women and a topic as sensitive as motherhood and comprehensive health are addressed. Multiple artistic languages ​​converge – as classic as dramatic theatre, and as contemporary as the use of the new media, live projection, poetry, photographic exhibition, dance and music, as well as the look, sensitivity and fusion of resources of Latin American artists and European artists.


Co-production with Corporacion Humor y Vida y la Alcaldia de Otavalo
Tour Sardinia
Audience: 1500

Complete play on vimeo

Ellen Stewart Award

The Ellen Stewart International is an award given to an individual theatre artist or theatre company whose work promotes social change and community participation with a particular focus on the engagement of young people. Named for La MaMa founder Ellen Stewart, The International Award celebrates her remarkable lifetime achievements in the theatre and her dedication to creating a world theatre that embraces all traditions and cultural identities. Through the theatre, countless younger people were inspired by Ellen Stewart as artists and generators of personal and social change. With the support of the ITI (International Theatre Institute), La MaMa New York and Italy, and the Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds, the recipient of The Ellen Stewart International will attend the ITI World Congress, receive an artistic residency at La MaMa Umbria to create new work, and the financial and production support to present the new work at the Spoleto Festival of 2 Worlds.
In 2016 Berith Danse was nominated for the International Ellen Steward Award [La mama New York & International Theatre Institute Unesco] for her contribution to international cooperation of theatre.


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