53. : Theatre project: Bunga di Comberan / Flowers in the Gutter & workshops –

Partner organisation: Yayasan Kelola Foundation
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 23
Local participants: 39
Target group: Domestic workers
Workshops/ coaching: 25
Audience: 1500
Performances: 4
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations: Jala PRT, KPPD, KSBSI, CNV International
Finances: Theatre Embassy, PSO, CNV International
Theme: Domestic workers

Extra: CNV International visitorsprogram
E- book on Theatre for Education
Internship 3 from Theatre school Utrecht (HKU)

Expert visit , ,
Extra training: Cambodia on theatre as a tool for democratization. (Munda de la Marre)
Internship: , Cambodia (Jocelyn from Hong Kong), (Jet Remmers)
Fundraising concerts for Tierra Espiritual in Amsterdam 80 visitors.
Awareness raising at the St Josefschool for Tierra Espiritual.
Investigation student form Theatre Science UVA.

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