09. South Africa: The Song in your Head – 2004

The Song in Your Head is a joint forces effort of two theatre-organisations to fight against the spread of the HIV-AIDS virus.The Song in Your Head is a theatre-show in which Zulu dancing and singing and the abstract and experimental character of modern western theatre, is combined in a striking show. The Song in Your Head is a training to the members of FEX, in which they can enhance and upgrade their skills in theatre, art and making plays of meaningful character. The Song in Your Head is a theatre-show, meant for South-African and Dutch audiences, communicating through vivid theatre the existential thus universal themes which hide behind the issue AIDS; and which concerns us all.The Song In Your Head is therefore an investigation, in how through the power of art, we can take a new step in the fight against AIDS.
In May and June of 2004, a Dutch theatrical crew from Theatre Embassy, The Netherlands will join forces with the South African Freedom Extravaganza Group, to create a location theatre that combines traditional Zulu singing and dancing with abstract Western experimental drama. The inter-continental mix will work together intensely over a 6 weeks period, developing and directing an interactive music theatre play titled ‘The Song in Your Head’. The energetic, funny and poetic play will hold us a mirror concerning the way we make choices in their lives, and how influences of others and surroundings can seduce us to play fool with our own energy and eventually ourselves; a modern, intercultural ‘Faust’, with a blink to the current Aids-epidemic, which is holding both Southern and Northern continents in a tight grip nowadays.

Partner organisation: Freedom Extravaganza
Place: Durban, South Africa
Director: Fre Hooft van Huysdynen
Local artists: 13
Stagiaire: 1
Target group: General Audience
Audience: 6000
Presentations: 11
Volunteers: 10
Participating Organizations: Gered gereedschap, Oerol festival, festival Mundial, De Spelerij, Streettheatre festival Hengelo.
Finances: ICCO, HIVOS, KLM, Prins Bernard Culture fund.