02. Bolivia: Romeo en Julieta – 2002

A training with the 10 young players of the theater group and set up a performance inspired by an existing text.
They have chosen the old piece Romeo and Julieta by William Shakespeare for this and are adapting it.
The theater performance will be the vehicle with which young people can be reached for information on the topics: budding sexuality among young people, hidden sex information for young people about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, clash between traditional and modern culture, male-female relationships and homosexuality. The players themselves are young people between the ages of 16 and 23. They determine the design and performance of the performance so that there is direct communication between play and audience, between young people and young people.
We think that despite the fact that Romeo and Julieta is a Western European play, she can appeal to these themes for the Bolivian youth because the plot of the play is about a universal theme: The Love and the Impossible Love.
COMPA / El Trono stems from the boys’ prison in La Paz where Ivan Nogales worked as a sociologist. This prison, also called EL Trono, had no activities for the boys who have been imprisoned for 2 to 3 years. Ivan developed programs and set up a theater group of boys from prison. Some of them are still active in the theater group now outside the prison walls.

Partner organisation: Teatro Trono/COMPA
Place: El Alto in La Paz
Director and trainer: Berith Danse
Local Artists: 10
Target group: Street Youngsters
Volunteers: 4
Audience: 1000
Performances: 2
Participating Organisations: CMC, Amsterdam-Light
Theme: Sexuality