61. Netherlands: Ayni–Noord – 2011

AYNI in Noord is a cultural meeting between Bolivia and Amsterdam Noord, initiated by cultural development organization Theatre Embassy. Based on AYNI – the way of life from the Andes – we have brought groups and residents from Amsterdam North together with artists from different disciplines. They have inspired and touched each other and have entered into a creative collaboration based on the reciprocity that is the basis of AYNI: You give and something comes back to you through the law of reciprocity.
On the 1th of October there was a festival day where all the participants shared and showed the results of the exchange of art, ideas and food.

On 1 October, the Noorderpark there was a cultural voyage of discovery for and by groups of residents of Amsterdam Noord in collaboration with musicians, theater makers and artists.
After the opening by Peter Faber, visitors could walk past a swing choir, worn coats tell stories of residents and elderly from Amsterdam Noord, the elderly took place in their one-off ‘park living room’ where they attended an intimate living room concert at the Muziekstraat.
As neighbors, they got the Taalbraakers and a poetic viewing box in the Noorderpark room. The Bolivian dance group Alma Latina, together with Brass band Scorpio from North, swings the so-called “Caporales”. Children gave a pan flute concert on homemade instruments. And as with every Bolivian party, there was a culinary ode to the potato. Visitors to AYNI in Noord were not only invited to come and have a look, they could also participate in activities themselves. After all, at AYNI it’s about reciprocity: so, look and be amazed, but also participate!

Partner organization: Noorderparkkamer
Executors TE: 3
Local artists: 13
Target group: Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam Noord.
Audience: 500
Volunteers: 250
Participating Organizations: Movementalist, BAM! producties, Zita projects, Osira ouderen groep, Scorpio, ABBS Elzenhagen, Scouting Wartburg, Mobiel eetcafe van St Cleopatra, Studio Achter de Winkel, Muziekstraat, Taalbrakers, Chi Qong, Solid Ground Movement
Finances: Theatre Embassy, Emotive.
Theme: reciprocity