34. : The last breath –

The performance The Last Breath addressed the issues surrounding immigration and Xhenophobia in South Africa. The Last Breath took the audience on the journey refugees take to get to South Africa. This production was based on the story of Chilishe Nelson Musonda from Zambia, former student of the Art and Media Access Center. About his arrival in South Africa, his struggle to stay in the country, anger, frustration and Xhenophobia. It was about the love for the family he left behind that gave him strength to keep fighting for a better life for himself and his family. The Last Breath was performed as part of the Ikhwezi Theater Festival in Cape Town. This festival provides a platform for community theater groups in South Africa and especially Cape Town.

Partner organisation: AMAC
Place: South Africa
Director: Katy Streek
Local artists: 4
South- South: 1 (Zambia)
Target group: local artists
Audience: 200
Performances: 4
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations: Ikhwezi festival
Finances: ICCO, Theatre Embassy.
Theme: Refugees