41. Peru: Takora/ E.scena 310

In Peru, art is seen as a hobby and not a profession. Malgorzata Haduch was sent abroad as Theatre Ambassador to Tacna, in the south of Peru. She collaborated with Deçiertopicante, a theatre group that wanted to learn about modern dance, performance and its use in public space. Besides, Deçiertopicante also wanted to try to boost the cultural climate in the region, not to be taken for granted art. After a long period of research, discovery and mutual inspiration, the project was concluded with a performance. The premiere of this performance took place on September 6 at the Orfeon Theater in Tacna. The theme of the performance was how art is viewed in Peru. In collaboration with choreographer Haduch, Deçiertopicante wanted to show that dance and theatre can be a very intense experience that can make you think which you can enjoy to the fullest. From the end of October, a larger project called “DESIERTO” started. For about three months, the Peruvian artists of Deçiertopicante collaborated with artists from around the world on theatre and visual arts in public spaces to give the city of Tacna a cultural boost.

Partner organisation: Grupo de teatro Deçiertopicante
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 9
Target group: young dancers/ new audiences
Audience: 2000
Performances: 25
Participating Organizations:
Finances: PSO, Theatre Embassy
Theme: Physical Limits, Promotion of the arts
Blog of Haduch: http://taktacna.blogspot.com
video takora/ E.scena 310: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcRXBRuD-IU