17. : Se Vende Aire –

In April 2005, the two young cooperators Theater Embassy started working with theater in two different countries: Renée Fleuren went to to work with the Arte Acción Cultural Association and Jasper Hogenboom went to El Salvador to work with Tiempos Nuevos Teatro (TNT).
During the five months, the volunteers created two plays, together with two groups. Renée Fleuren made a play with eight young people from Teatro Cristal (part of Arte Acción). Jasper Hogenboom did a play with three young men from New Times Theater. The two theater groups began to work on the same theme: ‘discovering’. In a collective work ‘SHA!’ Was born in Honduras and ‘SE VENDE AIRE’ in El Salvador.
In the first week of September 2005, the exchange took place between Honduras (Arte Acción), El Salvador (Tiempos Nuevos Teatro) and the (Renée Fleuren and Jasper Hogenboom). In the exchange the theater groups presented their plays, they made a new play together and the organizations had an institutional exchange.

Partner organisation: Tiempos Nuevos Teatro
Place: El Salvador, Tchalatenango
Executors TE: Jasper Hoogeboom
Local artists: 3
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 3000
Presentations: 5
Volunteers: 3
Participating Organizations: Arte Accion, Red Maraca
Finances: ICCO, Theatre Embassy
Theme: sexuality & gender