38. Netherlands-South Africa: No Man’s land

No-man’s land is a theatrical meeting between young people from Amsterdam and Cape Town on prejudice, conflict and reconciliation. The performance can be seen between 13 and 28 September 2008 as part of the Proposition Month of the world heritage monument the Defense Line of Amsterdam. In addition, it is on see some other locations. After the successful performance “The story of Dieme” during the Last year’s theorem is Katy Streek again by Stadsherstel Amsterdam asked to join Fort Diemerdam – owned by Stadsherstel family show in the open air for this fun freely accessible event.

The theme of this new performance is “90 years after WWI”. The point of departure of the play is the incident during the First World War with British and German soldiers laying down their weapons and in no-man’s land celebrated Christmas night together. The actors from the Netherlands and South Africa use this story before making the performance around the theme’s reasons conflict, prejudice, reconciliation and identity. The players bring their theater traditions together in a strong musical and visual motion theater piece. In the process they investigate which aspects of WWI still affect their daily lives, such as xenophobia and power relations. They tell the story from the role of animals during
the war, such as mascots, pets, workers and messengers, which serves as a metaphor for human behavior.
No-man’s land is a collaboration between the University of Cape Town and Theater Embassy from Amsterdam.

Partner organisation: University of Capetown
Direction: Katy Streek Production team: 5
Local artists: 7 (Dutch & South African)
Target group: General audience
Audience: 750
Performances: 6
Volunteers: drama department
Participating Organizations: University of Capetouwn, Stadsherstel Amsterdam, festival De Stellingmaand.
Finances: Gemeente Diemen, Province of Noord Holland, CENH, NCDO, Theatre Embassy.
Theme: Conflict and reconciliation
DVD: No Mans land by Ben Streek