45. Cambodja: Breaking the Silence

Amrita Performing Arts, together with Dutch director Annemarie Prins, made a performance about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge period. DCCAM, the national organization that archives the documentation of this period of dictatorship, gave the space to process eyewitness confessions in a Brechtian-like text that, according to Cambodian standards, was played very directly by seven actors.
The play was presented in the countryside, and afterwards, spectators could express what people had seen and experienced themselves.
In 2010 the tour continued, and the play text was converted and broadcasted in radio play form. Breaking the Silence did reach more than 500,000 people.

Partner organisation: AMRITA Performing Arts.
Executors TE: 4
Local artists: 9
Production team: 12
Target group: General audience
Audience: 6000
Performances: 14
Participating Organizations: DCCAM, Cham Oral History Project, CLA,
Finances: PSO, Prince Claus foundation, DCCAM, Dutch Embassy in Bangkok, Theatre Embassy
Theme: Genocide of Cambodja
In 2010 they realized a radio play which reached; 250.000 aprox.
Breaking the Silence travelled to Burundi festival in 2012 and played 3 times
Reach: 1500
The text of the play was published in 2009 by Annemarie Prins