49. -: Bijuli –

Theater maker Evelien Pullens traveled to India for Theatre Embassy to train young actors from different tribes in the Northeast in puppetry. Few people know that the population of this corner of India is constantly afraid of attacks and that soldiers are everywhere along the roads to check the political situation. Fortunately, the village of Rampur is an oasis of tranquility. In a bamboo theater camp, the Dutch Evelien Pullens gives workshops in creative puppetry and visual theater, from finger puppets to large objects. The final performance “Bijuli” will tour Assam and South India. Akshara, director and director of a theater school in South India, comments: “This production which was rich in imagination was a welcome sight. The fact that your production, mounted with minimum physical resources, was powerful enough to hold the audience here spell bound for an hour (even when the audience did NOT understand any spoken word in it) is a proof for its immense theatrical strength.
A second tour of the show “Biljuli” took place from June 26 to July 20, 2009 in Assam. Evelien Pullens and Berith Danse, artistic director of Theater Embassy, travel to Rampur at the end of August to see how they can further guide these young theater makers.

Partner organisation: Theatre group Badungduppa
Executors TE: 1
Local artists: 13
Target group: General audience
Audience: 2500
Performances: 16
Volunteers: –
Participating Organizations: Kalakshetra Manipur
Finances: Cordaid, Stichting Terra, HIVOS/NCDO
Theme: Peace
Photo exposition by Stijn de Korte and book publication by Evelien Pullens.