56. Bolivia: Tierra Espiritual III

In a world of globalization, indigenous forms expression is under pressure and threaten to disappear rapidly or have been handed over to the tourist industry. Many forms of indigenous rituals and community practices are part of intangible heritage.

Tierra Espiritual or Spiritual World is a concept of work, in which contemporary theater makers contribute to strengthening these indigenous artists and to express their expression. The starting point is that there is no high or low culture, but an enormous diversity of cultural expression. These can influence or contrast more sharply with each other: They are complementary to each other.

Tierra Espiritual is a theater, dance and music project in which old indigenous traditions and rituals regain a meaningful place with young and old. Bolivia has more than 400 wind instruments that are used in different ways at spiritual moments. The use of these instruments, their dances and rituals are linked to the Aymara agricultural calendar. For example, in the year there are instruments that can only be played in the wet season or in the dry season. A month a year is not allowed to be played at all because the gods must then be left in peace. The inhabitants of the Copusquia valley are guided by our Bolivian-Dutch team to convey old music and dance traditions from their elders to the youth in a contemporary form. We work together with the schools and the village heads. In the last three years, cultural coordinators from ten different hamlets in the Copusquia valley will lead after-school dance and music classes. In addition, a festival will be organized at a different time of the year that is linked to an important moment in the agricultural calendar. In this way, we hope to convey some of the rich traditions and knowledge in an alternative educational way to the young generations in this community. We also see that our project can inspire many other indigenous communities in this culturally rich country. To achieve this, we work with the government of the La Paz department and with the Deputy Ministry of Culture.

Partner organisation: Asociacion Yatiyaña
Executors: 3
Local artists: 350
Invited artists: Asociacion Humor y Vida, Ballet folklorico de La Paz. Oja de Coca music group
Workshops: 9 schools, 300 children.
Target group: Aymara community of Copusquia
Audience: 5000
Volunteers: 275
Participating Organizations:
Finances: Oxfam-Novib, SHI, Dutch Embassy in La Paz, Theatre Embassy
Theme: Recovery Indigenous music, song & dance
DVD: Edu Video Tierra Espiritual III by Andrea Montenegro. Native recording by Alejandro Callisaya and David Paco.

Part 3: http://vimeo.com/105490636