54. Honduras: Comparsa

Design, make and perform a creative and meaningful parade with big objects/ figures/puppets. To design an original and creative street parade that could be continually used. Artists of Arte Accion knew circus skills, and they knew constructions. Youngsters between 16 and 26 years old participated in this learning project and will peer later with other youngsters.

They want to explore how to expose ‘peace and nonviolence’ in a parade. The theatre ambassadors were collecting images of peace from different cultures. Gandhi is a robust model of peace. He made a parade/ journey to the salt fields. Gandhi made his cloth as a symbol of simplicity and peace. This symbol has a parallel with the weaving of indigenous people in Honduras. One of the ideas is to create images with threads. We explored the indigenous designs of the Indians of Honduras, Mayas and Lucas. We found designs of masks and black and white design of Lenca’s
Another material to work with is newspapers. It is cheap and useful as paper mache, and it is meaningful because it represents the media. We want to experiment with how we can work with projection on white moving screens.

Partner organisation: Arte Accion now Walabis
Executors TE: 3
Local artists: 20
Target group: Youngsters
Audience: 50.000
Amount: 10
Volunteers: 10
Participating Organizations: Chic Tic festival
Finances: Theatre Embassy
Theme: Images of Honduras